Trackday advice

The bike

The Bike
  • Tyres Are you happy with the tyres? Check the pressures and condition.
    A second hand set of wet race tyres can usually be picked up for a reasonable sum and can mean the difference between a miserable day and an enjoyable one.
    Similarly track focused tyres such as Pirelli Supercorsas will be a great addition on a warm day.
    Ultimately a spare set of wheels with tyres will limit any effect the weather can have on your day
    A worthwhile purchase, should you want to do trackdays more frequently is a pair of Tyre warmers. There is no better confidence booster than a pair of nicely warm tyres at the start of the session!

  • Brakes Check the brakes and the hydraulic systems. Check the wear on the pads and again remember that you may use them more than you do normally

  • Suspension If you know how to, you can set up the bike for a smoother track as opposed to the compromise settings for the road. If not get advice from someone who does

  • Exhaust We know race cans sound nice. But many trackdays have noise limits. That Akroprovic full race system might sound and look great, but on a Donington 'quiet' day it could spell an early end to the day.
    Check with the organiser for noise limits.

  • Chain makes sure it is adjusted and well lubricated

  • Petrol / Oil Do you have enough fuel to last all day? Most circuits have a fuel supply but the cost will be high. Well worth taking a fuel can of your own

  • Bodywork A set of cheap pattern bodywork will be a lot less painful should it all go wrong on the day. A couple of hours preparing the bike beforehand can save you pounds later. But if you are keeping the standard stuff on then tape up the lights and fold back or remove the mirrors
    Many bikes get fitted with crash bungs these days. A pair of these costing a few quid could be a good investment for road or track.

  • Transport At the end of an enjoyable day it is not always much fun to have to ride a few hours home. A trailer or van borrowed or rented will make the journey easier. as well as allowing the track preparation to be done prior to the day

    Ultimately a lot depends on your budget. the cheapest way is to book your day. Ride there, have fun and ride home. But a bit of preparation can make all the difference to your enjoyment.

    The Rider
  • clothing You will need to be equipped with an ACU standard helmet and a set of leathers. Either a full 1 piece set of a 2 piece that zips together all the way around
    Obviously a decent pair of gloves and boots will also be required.

  • Licence You will need to provide both parts of your DVLA licence to the circuit

  • trackday booking It is possible to turn up on the day and see if there are any spare places. But I wouldn't recommend it! Book well in advance with the Trackday organiser

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