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First time or just unsure of what you need? The read on...

When you book your trackday, the Trackday Organiser (TDO) will ask which group you want to be in...

The majority of TDO's run a trackday by splitting the riders into three groups. They have various 'names' depending on the TDO,
slow (novice), medium (intermediates) or fast (expert or advanced) group

It is in your own interest to place yourself where you will be comfortable. However there is always the possibility of changing groups on the day.
Slow or Novice Group
  • The slow group will generally be made up first time riders or owners of slower bikes or someone who want to ride the circuit with feeling under any pressure from faster riders.
    This group usually has the advantage of benefiting from extra briefing time from the TDO.

  • Medium or Intermediates Group
  • The medium group will consist of riders that are more comfortable with riding their bike at a trackday. Usually they will have ridden at a trackday previously an know what to expect
    There is quite often a wide range of abilities within this group. You should put yourself here if you are confident of your riding, or have ridden at the track before

    Fast or Expert or Advanced group
  • Riders in this group will have been on numerous trackdays previously. You will see a range of dedicated track bikes and fast road riders.

    You will also need a bike! - You can use any type of bike. You will see anything from full on race bikes to big trailees. Whatever fits your needs will work (within reason!)
    It can be your own road bike or a track prepared bike. There are various companies around that will rent you a bike or you could have a very generous trusting mate!

    Whatever the bike , it must be in a worthy condition. Although the trackday organisers do not "scrutineer" the bike prior to the day, the marshals will very quickly spot and black flag any machines that appears to be unsafe for any reason

    So before your day, take a good look at the usual items and remember that you may be putting the bike through its paces a bit more that you normally do.

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